Performance in heating down to -30°C HEAT+

designed to offer optimal performance, even during the coldest days of the year;

ECO mode

intelligent compressor control system at less than 15Hz, limiting high frequency operation of compressor and fan;

25-stage compressor frequency control

gentle and precise control to increase the frequency range of the compressor from 10 to 25 stages for more comfort and energy savings;

Inverter Quattro technology

achieves energy savings and uniform temperature by reducing the number of start / stop cycles;

Follow me function

displays the room temperature from the remote control, not the thermostat, allowing a better adjustment of the desired temperature and increased comfort;

Do not disturb

allows you to disable the sound and display functions for greater operating discretion;

Auto restart

when restoring service following a power failure, the unit automatically resumes operation in less than three minutes while saving all previously selected settings;

Turbo mode

available in air conditioning and heating modes, allows you to reach the desired temperature in no time;

Air conditioning at low temperature

can operate in cooling mode at very low outside temperatures;

Intelligent anti-cold air function

prevents unpleasant cold drafts for a comforting feeling of warmth as soon as the unit is switched on in heating mode;

5-speed ventilation

five ventilation settings (compared to 2 for standard units) resulting in greater comfort and energy savings;

Frost protection

maintained temperature at 8 ° C in unoccupied homes to prevent freezing;

Self clean function

prevents mold and mildew by drying the indoor coil;

Outdoor heating cables

installed around the compressor and at the base of the outdoor unit, ensure a smooth start and prevent ice build-up in harsh winter conditions;

Double filtration

a first filter eliminates dust and large particles such as pollen and animal hair. The second filter is carbon activated to absorb fine particles such as smoke and bacteria;

Silent mode

ideal for those who want a quiet environment, light sleepers and infants sensitive to external noise;

Emergency function

when a temperature error occurs, the unit displays an error code and continues operating normally rather than stopping abruptly;

Optional wall controller

available for all Moovair units.

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